Designer: Sonia Couture

Collection : Oriental Dream

Sonia Couture is a mirror of “L’Atelier” Who is She.

She like designing Caftans that would wear herself, Caftans that are contemporary but with a hint of the past. Usually through the details She like to use ‘3qads’ for example, which are buttons made of silk thread and golden thread. She also like clean and fluid cuts that she believe embellishes any silhouette.

Design modern caftans with the spirit of the past. She use noble fabrics such as silk brocade, silk drapes, crepe and velvet. The material really is the starting point of a Caftan; if it’s already beautiful, well woven and elegant, it will embellish the finished product.

This collection is inspired by the East.

It involves embroideries with a lot of arabesques, others with more geometrical shapes that recall Moroccan zelij. She has also used a lot of golden thread as well as silver, which She believe sublimate the Moroccan Caftan and sublimate any color and drapery.

Some of the pieces are heavily beaded at times and more subtle at others.

This collection – as much as every single one of her creations – “is a reflection of who She is”.

The collection is inspired by traveling in time and space. The Caftan brings us back to the past, where everything is sensual, it transports us towards the Eastern part of the world, to places of luxurious drapery and profound colour.