Hessa Alhemel, a designer from Kuwait. She started designing since 2009. She was always designed clothes for my dolls and since then grow up loving design clothes for other people. She get inspired by the colors, fabric, towns and magazines. She always think that she has a talent and should show it to the world.

Collection : The yard

Inspired by the structure of Arabic houses and the curves of their doors, this is reflected in the shapely silhouettes throughout the collection. A burst of flamingo, beige, fuchsia, purple, magic mint and mastered colours that represent the scene of the sunset in the yard during the Spring. Meticulous embroidery adorns the pieces with ‘Behind every door is love’ in Arabic.

“Showing at LFW is breaking the chains between the cultures. Being in such an event it is one of the most incontournable platform for artists and designers.